Cenotaph Memorial Park
Date and time:
04:04:2020 Saturday

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Our responsible service of alcohol policy stops us supplying alcohol to people who are:

Under 18
Drunk & Disorderly
Buying alcohol for under 18s

We do not have promotions or advertising which:

Provide free drinks
Encourage rapid drinking
Encourage excessive drinking
Unfairly target men or women

We are responsible hosts in our community through:

Training our staff
Having courteous staff
Caring for patron safety
Not disturbing our neighbours

We serve and care for our patrons by providing:

A safe venue
Low alcoholic drinks
Non-alcoholic drinks
Advice on safe travel

Condobolin RSL Club Facebook guidelines

We encourage you to leave comments and interact positively with the Club’s Facebook page and with each other. On the fan page you will be able to find out what’s on at the club, upcoming events and promotions.

The Club’s Facebook page is moderated and we will review all comments and remove any that are inappropriate or offensive. Please note that comments posted to the Club’s Facebook page do not represent the opinions of the club, its members, staff or Board of Directors.

Posts will be deleted if they contain:

Violent, obscene, profane, hateful, or racist content, links or images
Comments that threaten or defame any person or organisation
Solicitations, advertisements, or endorsements of any financial or commercial nature
Inappropriate, off-topic or offensive comments
Repetitive posts copied and pasted or duplicated by single or multiple users
False or misleading comments